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Become Mentally Fit

Feeling frustrated, angry, or worried? Learn self-command. I mean it.

Every person needs mental fitness. I can prove it. Your brain is designed to survive. It tells you negative stories that keep you struggling. When you get coached, you realize what is going on in your brain. 60k thoughts per day.

Many of them unconscious and negative. When you get coached, you get to see these thoughts.   If you and your mom aren’t showing up with each other the way you want to, it is because of the thoughts in your brain playing on autopilot.

These thoughts were programmed without your knowing throughout your whole life. Strengthen your self-command muscle and change your relationship. Join our SLPM Program and see your life change in the following ways… Less conflict with yourself and your mom. More self-confidence. Less disappointment about caring for her. More time together enjoying each other. In just a few sessions, you will feel your life change dramatically.

Schedule your complimentary session for your first coaching experience. This is a private one to one session with me. You don’t have to do anything to prepare. Simply show up and let’s talk. 

What People Are Saying


What People Are Saying

“Make time for relaxation because it helped me.”


NSYSSC student

“I learned the importance of meditation to calm my body. I appreciate your patience and I benefited from it a lot.”


NSYSSC student

“Mindfulness is for everyone. How cool is that?!!!”


Executive Director

“This training has really helped me to see how being present in a moment can bring peace to the mind.”


Dance Teacher

“Donna is an inspiration. Every human deserves to have her share with them.”


Dance Teacher

“Donna is someone whose voice you will hear in your head when life feels hard. Grateful for the exercises she taught that’ll absolutely be used in everyday practice. She’s someone you want in your corner.”


Dance Teacher

“Donna taught me a lot about how to regulate myself and therefore bring calm, loving energy to my students.”


Meet Charlene Ketchum, CEO

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