Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Join Me!

Every day we will meditate together for 10 minutes. We will practice together to feel and allow the sensations in your body, notice your thinking, and nurture yourself along the way.

Each day there is a powerful guided meditation that will allow you to practice a specific technique. You will gain the confidence to turn toward your feelings so you can take control of your overwhelm.


Do you hear yourself saying to yourself:

I don’t know what I need

I am fading away

I am exhausted and I don’t know why

I don’t know how to be not needed

Why do they have it and I don’t

What do you know about mindfulness? Have you tired self-compassion? Are you ready to experience a concentration and loving-kindness practice for yourself?

To support you to learn how loosen the grip on forcing something to change, I am guiding a free 5-day practice, Working with Overwhelm.

Join me. We will sit every day.

There are brief instructions and a guided meditation.

Do you have 10 minutes?  Can you make time – just 10 minutes?

Feel the sensations in your body.

Notice your thinking.

Nurture yourself.

Ready to practice together?

Join me!  If you have any questions, send me a message.

This practice is designed to support your journey from overwhelm to steady living.

Join me and practice together. Mark your calendar July 5 – 9 at 7AM CT on Instagram Live.

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